WordPress Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Gutenberg is a brand new editor for WordPress.

It’s a long awaited feature by many members of the WordPress community and team, and one that will change the way we use WordPress and write on WordPress forever.

Gutenberg was released in version 4.8 and provides easily editable pieces of content that you can rearrange and place just about anywhere. It’s built using blocks, which enable you to create rich, structured and semantic content. The blocks re­imagines what an authoring experience for the web could be. They’re simple and easy to use, but powerful and flexible enough to make any kind of page or site. It’s also incredibly extensible as it’s developed on WordPress’ existing open-source infrastructure

Prior to WordPress version 4.8 the old TinyMCE style editor was text-heavy, making it hard to create columns or drop in blocked elements. You had to use third party plugins or themes such as Divi or Elementor to have drag and drop block functionality.

Gutenberg is a seamless experience for the user and allows anyone with little to no technical skill to build beautiful WordPress sites. This new block-based editor provides a modern, streamlined and scalable foundation for how you build and articulate your content.