Digital Marketing Brisbane

Hire a Digital Marketing Manager from $1000 per month

  • Email Marketing – 1 campaign per month targeting your previous customers.
  • SEO – ongoing onsite and offsite work
  • AdWords Management
  • Google Analytics & ROI Reporting
  • Social Media Management – if suitable for business – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – 3 posts per month per platform.

We’ll help you attract new customers and strengthen relationships with previous customers

Contact us for a free review of your site and we’ll walk through the best strategy tailored to your business needs.

Pay per click advertising (Google AdWords)

Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to quickly get targeted and qualified traffic to your website to increase sales or generate more leads. We’ll help you with landing pages, keywords & phrases to target, and measure your return on investment.

You can stop and start your Google AdWords campaign at anytime.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google use over 200 on and off-site factors in it’s Search Engine Ranking Algorithm and it’s constantly changing.

SEO is a long term strategy.

Our job is to ensure that you get the best possible ranking on search engines so that potential customers can easily find your business online.

The first step is to audit your website and identify any issues that will impact your ability to rank in search engines. Things like duplicate content, broken links, focusing on the wrong keywords or simply having old or irrelevant content can prevent your website from ranking you in search results.