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Hooray Digital are WordPress multisite network specialists.

What is WordPress Multisite?

Released in 2010 in WordPress version 3.0, a Multisite Network takes the tremendous technology behind WordPress and rethinks it with a network-first approach, creating a unique set of network features for customers who want to have control and ownership of their network, while maintaining the benefits of WordPress for end users.

Multisite Business Use Cases

  • Franchisee Network with Franchisee sub sites
  • Intranets – micro sites for each division

If you have different divisions of your business that each need their own site, or if you have multiple brands or products that are all sold via the same site, you can set up that site to work as a multisite network. This means that instead of creating multiple sites, each with their own WordPress installation and admin area, you can create one “root” site and use it to host multiple other sites.

A prime use case example would be a franchise business running a multisite network, with their franchisees having their own micro-sites that share the same plugins and styling. The main franchise has full control over their sub sites, but the franchisees can have their own WordPress login details to modify their website, making it easier to stay within the branding guidelines.

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